About Recovery Coins

What is an NA / AA and 12 step programs recovery coins?
An NA coin is a medallion, token, chip given for time staying clean in the narcotics anonymous program “clean time”, its part of a bigger coin “family” called sobriety coins and this “family” is made of many 12 step programs Example: NA, AA, GA, CODA, MA, SLAA, AL-ANON, NAR-ANON and many more…
The traditional size of a sobriety coin is about 34x2mm, the coin display the number of days, months, years of one recovering individual in one of the many 12 step programs and given to him on his “birthday” which is one individual anniversary and celebration day of staying clean and sober for another certain length of time and reaching another milestone in his/her recovery. In some cases, sobriety coins are registered trademark of one fellowship or another and sometime its a public domain free for all and each 12 step program has a unique geometric symbol that represents that one certain fellowship or another and for the most part also that program name initials are being displayed on the face of the coin. coins are separated from the plastic key tags giving in meetings and may come and be made in many shapes colors and form some official some modified and others as an artistic expression of the maker and are defiantly open for oneself interpretation and understanding. here at Simply Minimal®, we make sure to create the highest quality of recovery coins with utmost love and care using the best materials in the industry and doing so all under the trademarked design showing here on this site.